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Graduation Day

Photo welcoming to heavenI am reminded of the fact that we lost our son in this same month, April, 2004 and it was such a tragic loss to our family.  My own son was taken before I was.  How was I going to respond to this?  How was I to think with the mind of Christ and respond in a way that would be pleasing to the Lord?  How do I get a hold of the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) to comfort me in my greatest hour of need?

It seems that most everyone is afraid to die, even a few Christians.  People are afraid because of the uncertainty of where they are really going, will they live again after Continue reading

Honoring God

HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF: What is my PURPOSE in life? What am I HERE FOR? Perhaps your kid sare all grown, Perhaps you are single, Perhaps each day seems the same day in & day out, and so you think “what is life all about?”  I use to ask myself this question, and Continue reading

Foot in Mouth

 James 1:19 – How many of us have put our foot into our mouth and before we know it, we have said something dumb, foolish, uncalled for or just made a mistake and feel stupid?  Often we are sorry for what we’ve said but then don’t know Continue reading