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Important: Word from the Lord – Received 3/6/14

I have been praying for some time that I would learn to hear the Lord’s voice and know that it was Him who was actually speaking to me, and not something I made up, or the Enemy telling me words that were not from the Lord. I wanted to be sure and knew it was the Lord speaking so that I could become more obedient to Him, and have intimacy and a more personal relationship with Him.

I know that many in the Body of Christ are really going through very hard trials right now, and it seems to be in every home.  I also know that a lot of people have been feeling that something is about to happen but don’t know exactly what, but there just seems to be a knowing inside of us telling us that something is about to happen.  It is uncanny that a lot of movies and t.v. shows all seem to have a theme of end time type of things as their main plot.

Well, last night I was awakened about 2:00 a.m. and I heard the Lord telling me in my mind the following:  (remember it says in the Bible “My sheep hear My voice”).  He told me that we are going to be in a very very hard time and that it was coming very soon.  It would be something that would affect the whole world, not just America.  He told me that He is the One who is bringing this judgment and not Satan.  He said that we had to really press in and seek Him with all our hearts NOW, or we would not be able to be prepared for what we will soon have to face.  That we ourselves need to learn to hear His voice and know that voice, and that we will not be able to endure the time that is coming in our own strength, but must be totally dependent upon His strength to see us through.  He said that we would have to give up our present pleasures in order to seek Him, for one example, our t.v. time in the evening.  I personally work very hard all day long, and thoroughly look forward to watching favorite t.v. shows after dinner and just relaxing, but now I would have to give up some of that time before going to bed, so that I could use this time instead to go into my prayer closet and draw close to Him.  Closer than we have ever been before, closer than we have ever pressed in before.  Repenting of any known sins in our lives, crying out to be cleansed and made more holy, washed by the washing of the Word (reading the Bible), seeking to walk in obedience to that Word by the help of the Holy Spirit, seeking know His presence and what His will is, and praying for whatever He tells us to pray for, and just drawing close to Him.

Then He also told me that I was to put this message on my website & facebook so that others might be prepared for the days ahead as well.  So here I am, typing this to you and to those who will “hear His voice” telling us all to get ready and to see the big picture, for our very lives are about to change radically in the near future, and we must become prepared now. (Remember the 10 foolish virgins and the 10 wise virgins in the Bible.  Those who had been prepared and had their lamps trimmed with oil got to go in with the bridegroom, but those who did not have their lamps trimmed and had not prepared their lamps with oil did not get to enter in.  WOW!  Let’s get ready dear sisters and brothers.  It’s not too late yet for us.


Link: menforthelord.com

Delight in the Lord

Psalm 37:4 ( Real Delight in the Lord ) “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  This is  most likely one of the most misquoted scriptures in modern day Christianity.  You will hear prosperity preachers use this verse to speak words of encouragement about finances, getting rich, attaining material possessions and having instant gratification.  However, the verse is extremely clear in the first part of the scripture.  It says “delight in the Lord”, meaning to “abide in Him” or to “take Joy in the Lord”, meaning that you are literally seeking the Lord and seeking HIS desires.

When we take delight, it is often times at something that is planned, done, or told to us.  Therefore, it can even come in times of obedience.  It is easy to say “Thank you God, you are amazing” when things are going well, but to “delight” in the Lord during times Continue reading

Thought for the day: John 16:33

I was reading in John 16:33 which says, “I have told you all this so that you will have peace of heart and mind.  Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows; but cheer up, for I have overcome the world.”  YEA!  Isn’t this so in your life too!  We don’t understand all that we go through, and sometimes it seems to be just too overwhelming, but Jesus promised that He wou…ld never give us more than we can bear (handle), and to remember that we are being perfected and purified down here (which is our boot camp) or training ground, in order to get all the dross out of us, so that we become fit for the arrival of the GREAT KING who will one day come for us who have our wedding dress cleaned and become the beautiful BRIDE that Jesus is waiting to receive for eternity.  So hang in there, no matter what!  A better day is around the corner, where there will be joy unspeakable & full of glory.  When we are at the bottom, there is no place to go but up!  YEA!