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Yielding Our Rights

Yielding to God

Anger is opposite of meekness.  We want meekness to be a predominant characteristic in our nature, rather than anger.  The Bible puts great importance on being meek.  The Bible states, that the meek will have good judgment because, “The meek will He guide in judgment: the meek he will teach his ways” (Ps 25:9).  “The meek will inherit the earth” (Ps 37:11).  The meek will respond to the gospel, “He came to preach good tiding to the meek” (Isaiah 61:1).  The meek will have special joy: “The meek shall increase their joy” (Isaiah 29:19).  The meek will understand Continue reading

Foot in Mouth

 James 1:19 – How many of us have put our foot into our mouth and before we know it, we have said something dumb, foolish, uncalled for or just made a mistake and feel stupid?  Often we are sorry for what we’ve said but then don’t know Continue reading