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Gal 5:22-6:10 & Col 3:15 Having Peace

Peace Peace umpiring in our hearts (depends upon us following and living by the Holy Spirit inside of us (Gal 5:22 producing the fruits of Spirit).  We have to yield to, submit to, and walk in the Spirit, Continue reading

Ambassadors of Christ

thWe are living in a time of great change in America.  There has been a steady decline in our culture and in our biblical doctrines.  Christian psychology has entered the Church of Jesus Christ and done much damage to the attitudes of Christian women.  Our culture has changed so dramatically since the 1940’s that you wouldn’t even know it was the same culture and people.  Both men and women have been affected by these changes.

Courtesy, politeness and tact have seemed to have gone out the window.  Where is chivalry, true bravery, honor, integrity, truthfulness to our own hurt, and self denial Continue reading