The Ministries of Our Children!

children ministeringTHE MINISTRIES OF OUR CHILDREN ARE GOD’S CHOICE, NOT OURS!  Children have been used to speak to both nations and to kings.  Lets look at a few for examples:


Joseph had a dream when he was seventeen years old.  He also had other dreams as well, and got the interpretation to his dreams by asking God for it.  By the time he was thirty, he was standing before Pharaoh spiritually mature.  He had a forgiving attitude even though he had suffered long and unjustly in prison.  He was humble when he was honored and his pride had been dealt with by his imprisonment. Continue reading

Dealing with Regret


What does regret mean?  To be very sorry for something we have done and really wish we had never done it.

We have all done things that we regret even after we have gone to the Lord and asked for His forgiveness and He has forgiven us.  Of course,  we don’t want to repeat Continue reading

Death is Like A Wedding

Photo of going to heaven (PS 15)As I was reading my Bible last night I looked over some notes that I had taken on the back pages of my Bible.  One was when I was praying in 2005 and I hear the following words in my head very clearly.  By the way my son, Steven,who died Continue reading

Ambassadors of Christ

thWe are living in a time of great change in America.  There has been a steady decline in our culture and in our biblical doctrines.  Christian psychology has entered the Church of Jesus Christ and done much damage to the attitudes of Christian women.  Our culture has changed so dramatically since the 1940’s that you wouldn’t even know it was the same culture and people.  Both men and women have been affected by these changes.

Courtesy, politeness and tact have seemed to have gone out the window.  Where is chivalry, true bravery, honor, integrity, truthfulness to our own hurt, and self denial Continue reading

Graduation Day

Photo welcoming to heavenI am reminded of the fact that we lost our son in this same month, April, 2004 and it was such a tragic loss to our family.  My own son was taken before I was.  How was I going to respond to this?  How was I to think with the mind of Christ and respond in a way that would be pleasing to the Lord?  How do I get a hold of the Comforter (the Holy Spirit) to comfort me in my greatest hour of need?

It seems that most everyone is afraid to die, even a few Christians.  People are afraid because of the uncertainty of where they are really going, will they live again after Continue reading

A Gentle & Quiet Spirit

aI noticed as I was reading the Word in I Peter 3:4 that it tells us women to not only make our adornment merely outwardly, but rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sign of God.  I want to be to very Continue reading

Loving God

bible_worship1It is my greatest desire in life to inspire you to really love with all your heart and have a complete devotion to God.  Such a desire in us that we would all fall in love with Him and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, as the most precious of all the ones we love and want to please.  That we would be true daughters and sons and act like it, not only for our sake, but also in order to make Them happy, and bring Them pleasure, and Continue reading