Trust is a Scary Word: because it required letting go and yielding any  area or situation over to another.  We no longer control the reigns.  That is what faith is, and is the only thing that pleases God.  “It is impossible to please God without faith”.   When we exercise our faith it is  saying OK God, I will let go to You in this area, in that area, believing You know what Your doing.  Believing that You have the BEST solution in the end.

Let’s look at the brand new Early Church.  It says in Hebrews 10:32-34, “Don’t ever forget those early days when you first learned about Christ.  Remember how you remained faithful even though it meant terrible suffering.  Sometimes you were exposed to public ridicule and were beaten, and sometimes you helped others who were suffering the same things.  You suffered along with those who were thrown into jail.  When all you owned was taken from you, you accepted it with joy.  You knew you had better things waiting for you in eternity.

Early Faith:

Here we have a Christians  acting and standing on their early faith.  First they learn about Christ.  Notice the Action that accompanies their faith.  At this point of their Christian experience they possessed Great Action!  They, though they were very young Christians in the Lord, had to TRUST greatly!  They couldn’t wait to become “mature” before enduring suffering.  Their faith (trust in God) required suffering from the start.  Being laughed at, watching others suffer, being thrown in jail or having all taken away from them.  How many of us would still “trust” if we were in their shoes?

What was their attitude? JOYFUL!  Would we be joyful when all these things would befall us?  These were NEW BELIEVERS going through these things.  But the reason they were able to be joyful was because they had spiritual eyes.  Oh how we need to see God working in our lives in the Spirit.  What He is doing behind the scenes.  How we would stop murmuring & complaining if we could only see.  Pray for this.  Rev 3:18 says, “and get medicine from me to heal your eyes and give you back your sight!” They KNEW better things were awaiting them in heaven that would last forever and never be taken away from them.

Now Read Hebrews 10:35 which says, “Do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord no matter what happens.  Remember the great reward it brings you.”  Here we have what I call, Sustaining TRUST or Sustaining FAITH.  The Christian already has faith and has already walked in his faith, but now he is exhorted to not let this faith he has & is so active in, slip away or die away, no matter what happens.  To not be tempted to let his trust & faith cool off and slip backwards a little, becoming complacent.  Thinking in his mind, I’ll let others carry the load for awhile.  Why?  We must remember OUR REWARD!  There is a reward awaiting us and the size of it depends upon us.  The promises in the Bible are often filled with a contingency that is to be met with the promise.  IF you do this THEN I will do that!

Verse 10:36 says, ” Patient endurance is what you need now, so you will continue to do God’s will.  Then you will receive all that he has promised.”  Here is the contingency, patiently endure doing God’s will.  Whose will?  God’s will.  How are we to do this, patiently; if we want Him to do for us all that He has promised.

Worry is one of the hardest thing to turn completely over to God in Trust and leave totally in His hands.  He tells us not to take thought for tomorrow.  Don’t worry about anything but by prayer thanksgiving make our requests be known unto God.  The Lord’s ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are greater than our thoughts.  Also worry brings about fear along with it, and God is not the author of fear, but of love and faith and of sound mind.  Worry is NOT trusting God to handle the situation.  It is so needless to worry, causes illness, overeating, over drinking, ulcers and more.  All these things because we won’t TRUST our lives over to the One who Made us.

We have to TRUST in EVERYTHING!  Heb 10:38 says, “And a righteous person will live by faith (trust), but I will have no pleasure in anyone who turns away.”

Everything means:

our kids, finances, relationships, husbands, unsaved loved ones, love & intimate life, our health, our pleasures, our ministries, KNOWING HE HAS THE ANSWERS TO EVERY SITUATION and that He is in control.  He is our loving Father who takes care of us, loves us far more than we can possibly imagine, He’s our Protector giving His angels charge over us, our Savior who died for us to save us from hell, our Deliverer from ourselves & our own destruction (& our sin),  from the enemy and from evil.  Our HEALER of our bodies, Our PROVIDER of our finances, never the righteous begging bread, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, our BAPTIZER in the Holy Spirit giving us gifts of the Spirit, giving us ministry.  He is the One who raises up in His own time and who brings us down.  AND He’s our COMING KING and REWARDER, of those who believe and who endure to the end and who diligently seek Him.

But God says in v 38, if we SHRINK BACK and DON’T TRUST Him, He will have no pleasure in us! WOW!  So let’s “throw in the towel” giving up, surrendering ourselves(yielding ourselves) to His will in every area of our lives, our will, our hopes and dreams, our ambitions and desires, and our fears, for He knows what we REALLY want, and believe He knows what is best for us.

Hebrews 11:6 says, “So you see, it is impossible to please God without faith.  Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that there is a God and that he rewards those who sincerely seek Him.”

and back to Hebrews 10:39 it says, “But we are not like those who turn their backs on God and seal their fate.  We have faith that assures our salvation.  Hallelujah! We get to go to heaven, we get to get rewards, we get to have “joy” on this earth, we no long have to live under condemnation or under our circumstances, ALL because we DO have a God we can BELIEVE and TRUST and HAND our lives over to & KNOW that He will do us well.

So let us give Him the Honor due Him by giving Him our love, our hearts and our complete TRUST and the total control of our lives.  Great things will happen when we do.