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Jackie is a devoted wife, loving mother and loyal friend to those who the Lord has blessed her with in her life.  She has served as a pastor’s wife in her husband’s church in California; she has a successful career in teaching women in various capacities and in teaching children.  Jackie has a life full of many experiences that only women can relate to and God has given her a passion to share those lessons with you.

Jackie has experienced the death of her husband, Michael, when he was 30 years old and she was 27, leaving one son, Steven.  In 2004, Jackie’s family took a tragic blow with the passing of her oldest son, Steven; however, her dedication to Jesus Christ has never been more grounded and she has never been more eager to learn what else God has to show her.  Jackie holds steadfast to the verse, “All things work together for good, for those who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:8.  Since then Jackie had encountered Hep C from transfusions given in the early 60’s when Steven was taken by Cesarean.  This developed in cirrhosis of the liver and was diagnosed in 2013.  She has now been cured by taking the new Hep C drug that cures the Hep C virus, and has remained cured of this disease.  In May of 2015 it was discovered that she had colon cancer and had a portion of her colon removed.  She went on oral chemo pills for 6 months as a preventative for the cancer not returning.  She is feeling great, and continually gives the Lord the praise and thanksgiving that He so richly deserves for sustaining her through it all.  Hopefully this will help someone who has struggles identify with her teaching a little more.

Jackie has a passion to share her experience, thoughts and Biblical inspiration on nurturing and growing a relationship with Jesus Christ, with a specific focus on reaching women and wives.

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