leadership 1Man Was Created to Rule:  The first Adam and Eve were to rule over the animals, over the fowls of the air and one day we will do this again on the new earth.  We have been created to rule.  In heaven the Bible says that we will be priests and kings with Jesus.

This requires the ability to lead. There is an old cliche that says, “I’m a follower and not a leader”. This is simply not true as we are all created to lead in some capacity. Whether it is in our homes over our children so that we can train them in the way they should go, or on our jobs, or in the Church, or as wives of leaders which may require us to lead in some capacity.  So we must become prepared saints who are prepared to lead others.

There are qualities that are very essential for leadership.  There are qualities that God is looking for when he wants to raise some one up, and we must remember that He is the one who exults and also He is the One who humbles depending on what we need.  He has his timing for things to happen in our lives.  He knows how much we can handle.  Sometimes he gives us a responsibility and it requires stretching of ourselves which causes us to grow.  Sometimes he gives us a responsibility below others and below our capacity in order to take out our pride.  But He always has us in a place where we can grow more and more like Jesus.

Now here are some qualities that the Lord is looking for:

One Quality has to do with Our Tongue.  We must learn to control our tongue so that we do not gossip and become a talebearer.  We must prove that we can hold a confidence and not tell all that we know, and that we are trustworthy.

Another Quality God is Looking for is Self Control.  Not given to temper, displays of getting upset easily with others, but being patient, understanding and sensitive with people.  We realize that we are all but dust and make mistakes, so we rather look at the intent of the individual.

Another quality is Faithfulness:  This is an extremely important quality that God is looking for.  We must be faithful to the place or people we are serving with all our hearts, not bad mouthing them afterwards.  Faithfulness to services, to small responsibilities, faithful in the little things (“He who is faithful in the little things will be faithful in much”.  LOOK UP!

Dependability:  Being on time to our ministry, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  Others are depending upon us to fulfill the spot that we are filling, and if we are lax then the others suffer as they have to not only do their own part, but ours as well.

Coming Prepared:  This goes along with faithfulness and diligence.  Coming prepared means we have spent time and effort into our responsibility, not just throwing something together at the last minute because we didn’t have time to prepare properly, hoping it will work out OK.  Example signing up to bring a dish to an event, then not doing so.  This is just one example.  It could be in many areas of ministry.

Trustworthiness:  Can we be trusted to carry out a given responsibility to the end.  Completely, not half way.

Has An Ongoing Devotional Life:  Where God is made first in our lives by developing our love and relationship with Him as our highest priority.  Seeking Him in prayer, in the Word; this person will mature and be able to exhibit the qualities that God is looking for, because they have become “filled up” in their own personal lives before going out and giving to others.

A Heart that Seeks for Righteousness:  Wants more of God, and to become more and more like Jesus.

Is Teachable:  One who will listen to correction and has broad enough shoulders to take it right and  heeds the correction.  One who isn’t so set in their own ways but is willing to flow along with those in authority over them unless it is something that really matters.  Not whether the moon is made of yellow cheese or not.  It doesn’t really matter, so one who is willing to listen, then decide in their own heart whether someone is right or wrong on an issue.

Having A Repentant Spirit:  David repented repeatedly when he blew it.  When we blow it, we must be quick to repent before God, the one we offended or wronged, and then learns from our mistakes.

Relying on the Lord:  The Bible also says of David that he “inquired of the Lord”.  You are always reading how David had a problem and what did he do?  He asked God about what to do.  We should inquire of the Lord (ask Him) for whatever we may need direction on, help with, even if it seems extremely mundane, like losing your car keys, or needing to get out into the traffic to make a left hand turn and the cars just keep coming, or losing your glasses or wallet, or even finding a parking place in the mall on Christmas Eve.  No Really!  It is a way of showing God that we recognize that He is our Father and we are going to Him for His help in a matter!  I love it!  Talking to Him, asking Him for help, trusting Him when an occasion arises that is very difficult, and so forth all develop our personal relationship with Him in an intimate way.  He becomes so very real and makes Him very happy that we are coming to Him instead of trying to live this life in our own strength.  Just like a daddy when his kids go and ask him for help or advice in their lives.  It thrills the daddy to be “asked” and realized that he just may have the exact answer to their problems.  And our heavenly Father always has the right and perfect answer and comes to our rescue.  Then we are so thankful to Him for answering our prayer, that we fall more and more in love with Him.

Having the Right Attitude Towards Authority:  Whether it is our husband, boss, or Pastor, (if it doesn’t conflict with the Word of God).  An attitude that doesn’t blow up, come forcefully to the one in authority but comes humbly in the way they present an idea or suggestion.  Not challengingly.  A leader in turn submits all to the one over them.  If they want to make any changes, additions, and doesn’t go off on their own without consultation.

Doesn’t Manifest a Complaining Spirit:  About the way things are being conducted.  A complainer cannot be a good leader.  It infects others with this disease, breeds dissatisfaction, and God says He despises “those who sow discord among the brethren”.  Leaders must bring unity, vision, direction, and the leader under a leader above them must get behind the one in charge, inspiring others to do the same.

Leadership Requires Sacrifice:  Of time and often long hours at times.  Time and sacrifice are requirements for any worthwhile ministry.  It may require special meetings, training sessions outside of being at the ministry we are to perform.  From the raising of our children, or home schooling them, or driving them to events and occasions where they can grow spiritually and physically, as well as to winning the lost.  It takes discipline to do the preparation required for the task or responsibility.  And we need to always keep in mind that children are just as important, if not more important because we are influencing and shaping their lives.  They are still pliable and moldable to be influenced by our ministry to them.  Whether we are in the role of mothers, grandmothers, aunts, teachers or whatever our relationship, we do influence the children we have in our lives.


Stewardship:  Leaders must be an example to others in their conduct, dress, tithing and giving of offerings, for if we can’t fulfill the basic steps of Christianity, we can’t lead others to do so either.


And He is looking for people!  People who will prepare themselves for leadership, to do battle and people whom He can channel His life and love through to this lost and dying nation.  Willing to give up their own lives to serve the King, 24 hours a day.  Remember the scripture, “He who would save his life shall lose it, but he who would give up his life shall find it”.

Are we willing to be Servants?  On call at any time, when the Master rings?  Can we immediately jump to do His bidding say, “Yes Lord!”.  These are the requirements for good leaders so that Life can flow from them to others.  Are we ready to give up our own lives to Him for His service and take on the form of a servant – like Jesus did?

He is not looking for perfection, goodness know, none of us would be able lead, or minister for Him, but these are qualities that we can be mindful of that we need in our lives, and determine to work on them, so that when we stand before Him on the day of our Home Coming He can say to us, “Well done, My good and faithful servant, come enter into your rest!”  YEA!  What a blessed hope we have and what a glorious future ahead, He deserves our very best in all areas of our lives.  Like in the movie “Facing the Giant”, the coach told him players, “it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game”.

I personally fall very short in each of the above mentioned areas myself, and they are a good reminder of how Jesus is, and what He desires me to become by the power if the Holy Spirit, as we can’t do any of this is our flesh.  It would be like New Year’s resolutions we make, when we start off real good for a week or two, and then we go back to our old way of the flesh.  “It’s not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit sayeth the Lord”.  He will give us everything we need to do a good job if we will only ask Him to.

Love you all, Jackie