Let Us Give Thanks to the Lord!

251979_476872192349724_2044149510_n I was trying to find a good scripture to talk about since it will Thanksgiving in a few days, and it is a time that we are reminded to give thanks to the Lord for everything in our lives.   Both the  good and the bad (or seemingly bad), but remember that “all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are the called according His purpose.”  Rom 8:38.  God has a reason for everything that happens to us in our lives and although we may not understand it at the moment we are going thru the fire, we still must remember it will be worth it all when we see Jesus and He reveals it all to us.  We are reminded to be constantly thinking about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and seek to have an intimate relationship with Them, as our Father, Savior and Brother (Jesus), and  the Holy Spirit who dwells in each one that believes that  Jesus their Savior.  “To give thanks for ALL things, for this is the will of God concerning you”, and pray without ceasing.

Why do we give thanks , but how can we not give thanks would be the better question really.  We owe Them so very very much each and every day, we can see God’s providence working on our behalf if we look clearly.  I had 3 incidents in two days, where I had to just stop in amazement to see how much God intervenes in our lives and how much God loved me, was watching over me, cared and protected me from harm and danger (or others from me) ha ha. One thing was there was an immediate need for something one of my granddaughter’s needed that very moment.  And all of a sudden as I was running down the hall to try to help her with that need, then the phone rang.  It was Mommy!  She said, “Oh I’ll be right there!”  And vo la, the need was met by an immediate unexpected phone call and could be solved immediately.  Thank the Lord.

The second incident was that same night it was raining and dark, and I was driving home from a restaurant and as I pulling out of the parking lot I stopped at the side walk, looked both ways for oncoming cars and was about to proceed out into the street, when a bicycle dated right across my car riding on the sidewalk.  it was like a flash and my foot almost had pressed the gas pedal at the same time.  He would have been seriously hurt to say the least, but once again God was watching over me.

The next day the third thing happened.  I was coming out of Costco on the main road of Costco parking lot, when all of a sudden a man darted across my car right in front of me dressed in all black clothes and he was very hard to see, I was a little irritated with him for doing so, as I could have hit him thinking he should have waited for me to pass first, but low and behold that slowed me down for what happened next.  A car was coming right toward me on my driver side and I honked and honked, but the car wouldn’t stop.  It just kept coming.  I just sat there in shock as there was a long line to get out and I could not go forward or backward.  Then the car somehow went around me and pulled into a perfect parking spot (I thought he was going to hit the cars on the other side of me parked on the passenger side) but somehow the car went around me, pulling into a very perfect space and stopped in its new spot without hitting the cars on either side of it.  The strang and wonderful and miraculous thing about it was, there was no driver in the car!!!!! No passenger in the car!!!! Just an empty car!  Can you believe that.  The only thing I can think of was that the parking brake wasn’t put on and the car rolled from its original spot across the street to another parking stop as I explained above.  Oh can you hear the praises that I was saying once again to our Father who loves and watches over us so closely!

He continually and constantly and immediate answer so many many prayers that I pray each day, and He is so faithful.  He reminds us of important things that we forget to remember, and would get into big trouble if we forgot to do this or that, but somehow the Holy Spirit reminds us just in the nick of time by putting it into our mind.  When we go to bed at night, sometimes we think of things we need to do the next day but are too tired to get up and write it down.  So we don’t, then we forget it in the morning, and off we go in another direction.  It is very important that we call, do, get, buy, order, transfer funds for this or that, or any myriad of things, but we forget.  I am so very thankful that we can literally see God’s hand in every situation every day!  Oh how wonderful it is to be His, and not only that but Oh what awaits us ahead in the future is past finding out!  Heaven is going to be a place of rest from our weary bodies, a place of no misunderstandings, a new body without pain or suffering, made perfect, a place where we will get to be with all of our loved ones who have gone on before us, or are still with us here now, for eternity, no more departing.  And I personally  believe that God is preparing for us to do some extraordinary things (using the very talents He gave us in the first place down here) only they will be perfected there, and we will so enjoy doing our work because that is what we were really created for in the first place.  If we are going to rule with Christ, be priests and kings, and have responsibilities in heaven and are over angels, then there just be skills we have and will be made even more perfect to use there.  Oh what joy we have ahead.  So even if life seems tuff down here, filled with stress, and tribulations, that will all end, and what we hope and dream for in the way of peace, love, righteousness, no bad people, no mean people, no people out for themselves, no corruption, “saint’s now made perfect in heaven” (see Hebrews 12:23).  Isn’t this absolutely marvelous to look forward to.

So let us continually give thanks unto the Lord with praise and grateful  hearts for being in our lives and making us His very own children.  Let’s give Him joy and pleasure by  our thankful  hearts and praise and adoration to the one and only one who deserves it!  And equally important our obedience to His word each day as much as possible.

The reason I write my writings on my website is so that possibly I could touch someone and inspire them to fall in love with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit with all their hearts, and to desire that relationship with Them more than anything in all the world.  To want to do God’s will above all else, ( like Jesus who said I go about my Father’s business, I do only what my Father tells me to do and so forth) and appreciate Them for all they are doing in our lives.  This my goal in life.

I wish you all a very very happy Thanksgiving and a blessed upcoming Merry Christmas, where once again we get to rejoice over what God our Father has done for us.  A-Men?

Love you all.