Privilege of Being Sisters

106819-A-Woman-Without-Her-SisterReal sisters care for, sacrifice for, love, pray for one another,as well as commit themselves to one another.

How Do We Commit Ourselves One To Another?

Prayer –  we pray for and interceed for each other
we know what each other’s needs are
one day or more per week.
We ARE  Truly Sisters:
We need to realize and develop this attitude, because we Do have the same Father, Lord and Savior (Brother), who gave His life to make this possible.  He is in the process of making us strong and sinless and He has now given to each of us the “power to become the “sons/& daughters” of God.  He exchanged His life for ours!  His precious blood has bonded us together as One Family (the family of God) and thus this even makes us closer than our blood sisters.  These are the ones we will spend eternity with as the children of God.
We don’t want to have jealousy, envy, or any other negative feeling towards our dear sisters, no matter what we may be feeling or if they have wronged us, because that is where we have the opportunity to forgive them in our hearts, even as God has forgive us for the sins we have committed against Him.  But instead we are to love them, care for them, pray for, and realize we am a part of their growth.  We want to get to the place where we truly want to see God’s highest blessing on their life even as I want on my own.  The Bible tells us to “esteem others more highly than ourselves.”
This is the attitude that needs to prevail in all churches.  “Building each other up on our most holy faith”.  Tell them (the sisters in the Lord that you know or see at church) that you love them and are praying for them.  Doesn’t that make us feel better when we hear that spoken to us?  This shows that we truly care for them.  Proverbs tells us “a kind word doeth good like a medicine.”  We all need a kind word.  It’s like a warm fuzzy.  There is a little story about warm fuzzies.  It goes something like this, although I don’t remember it all:
There is a little town in a valley where all the people knew each other very well because the town was small.  Everyone seemed to be grouchy, down, depressed, snappy, negative, didn’t seem to care about anyone except themselves.  Then somehow someone came along and gave a warm fuzzy to one of the people in the town.  A warm fuzzy is a sincere compliment, a recognition of something someone did well and applauded them for it, say “God Bless you”, or any other words that would hit a person’s heart and make them feel uplifted.  Well this went on and each person who received a warm fuzzy felt so good about what was told to them, that they wanted to give that to someone else.  Before you know it, the whole town was giving warm fuzzies to each others and the total climate of the town changed.  People became kind, patient, long suffering, loving, caring, interested in others, helpful and rejoiced to be in each other’s company.  Isn’t that a neat story?
I do so want to to pass warm fuzzies to people I meet, even in the stores or wherever I am, especially to the lost and unsaved who look so miserable and down-trodden.  Jesus calls us to be a light sitting on a hill for others to see.  We can literally shine for Jesus (like the little song says, “Shine Jesus Shine”.   I want to look for something good a person either inside out out, and compliment them for it.  Oh, that’s a pretty dress!  Oh that was a very nice thing you did for that person!  You did a good job with that!  These are just a few warm fuzzies you can give, and especially to those you love.  We can give this to our children and built up their little hearts so full when they do the right thing and you notice it, then tell them and make them feel that warm fuzzy inside.  And to our husbands as well.  They especially need them from a loving wife.  Let’s build them up and appreciate each other’s giftedness and tell them so.  I think that Jesus would look down and be very happy as we tried to build others up instead of the opposite, which we all so often do.  If we see someone’s fault, then we can pray for that person and ask God to change them, but then leave it in the hands of God, He is the only one who can truly change a heart in the first place.
Sometimes our words spoken with a sincere heart will bind up a wouned spirit & help it on the road to recovery.  Picture a stab would that is opened up, but the proper bandage closes the would.  Your words could given a person strength to surrmount a mountain & lift them up over their circumstance.  It can edify them or bring them great comfort.  Just think about the words, “I love you”.  Those are really heavy words, because it indicate that that person really care about me.
The world is a tough place, where there is much misunderstanding, people are mocked, taken advantage of, so who do we turn to for comfort, to know that we’re ok if not one another and the Lord, and if needs be, to even receive correction from them.  We are members of One Family, joint heirs together of a heavenly kingdom that is without end.  Our hearts and our eyes are aimed in the same direction.  So let us be used to heal, love, help and build each other up.
Let’s not just wait tell we get to church.  We can’t really know someone like that.  So invite someone to lunch, go shopping, over to your house, take the kids together to the park, but reach out to people.
People’s Personalities:
Are never the same.  God made each of us different, not worse, just different.  We need to be stretched to understand others, tolerate ideocincries, benefit from their strong points.  They have talents and skills we will never have.  So let’s appreciate those talents and giftedness. And when we see this talent in them,  let them have their head and lead in that way of their talent, or show “us” how to do it better.  Not just us trying to control things all the times, even if we are not very talented in that area.  Like a baseball them.  One person is good at pitching but not so well as a batter.  That is why they call in the pinch hitter, who will bat for the pitcher, because he can do it better and so forth.  Overlook their weaknesses & that’s one thing that we can pray for.
Take Mary & Martha for example.  These are two devoted sisters and loved each other very much.  They shared the same joys, sorrows, and beliefs, but were TOTALLY different.
Martha showed her love to Jesus by her preparation of a meal.  Because that was her talent.  Mary on the other hand showed her love to Jesus by sitting at His feet.  Both  complimented each other.  There are 5 fingers on a hand, but each finger is necessary to work properly.  The thumb, ring finger, middle finger, index finger, baby finger.  All of us together are an extension of God’s hand to a lost and dying world and He chooses to use each one (members of His body).
Committing Ourselves In Real Concern Involves:
Being touched by what touches them.  Sickness, death, lonliness, fear, sorrow, helping in times like these.  Crying and rejoicing together depending on the circumstances.    I know that many of you already do this already.
Satan tries to put a blanket of fear over our minds so we won’t really commit ourselves one to another.  We fear for the loss of time it will take to get involved, the gasoline it will cost to drive someone or pickup someone, being taken advantage of, and (we need to be sensitive that we don’t take advantage of sisters) or any other fear to keep us from really loving each other and become involved.
We can’t let the enemy rob us of a tremendous blessing in our lives of sitting down & really sharing with a sister/or a brother.  So Let’s go out with a new vision, that being, with the knowledge and understand that we really ARE sisters, closer than any flesh born sister, with an everlast relationship and future that will never end with death.
Let us determind to get back to New Testament ways of thinking: breaking bread from house to house, loving one another, devouted to one another and to the Lord, remembering Jesus’ words “Greater love hath no man (or woman) than he lay down his life for his friend.”
This Personal Love and Commitment to one another is very Important to Jesus!  He said “Love one anothr – even as I have loved you!”
They will know you are My disciples how?  Because you have love one for another.
The world cannot understand when we love each other like this, it brings conviction and inside they know something is missing in their lives.  But simply by loving your sister as you should becomes a living witness and testimony without your even knowing it!
May the Lord help and teach us all how to love one another as He has loved us.