The Ministries of Our Children!

children ministeringTHE MINISTRIES OF OUR CHILDREN ARE GOD’S CHOICE, NOT OURS!  Children have been used to speak to both nations and to kings.  Lets look at a few for examples:


Joseph had a dream when he was seventeen years old.  He also had other dreams as well, and got the interpretation to his dreams by asking God for it.  By the time he was thirty, he was standing before Pharaoh spiritually mature.  He had a forgiving attitude even though he had suffered long and unjustly in prison.  He was humble when he was honored and his pride had been dealt with by his imprisonment.

Miriam (Moses’ sister):

As a small child God used her to speak to an Egyptian princess (the one who found Moses in the basket in the water) for His purposes to be fulfilled.


Samuel was used to speak to the high priest when he was only a boy, telling him what God had spoken to him personally in the middle of the night, because he heard God’s voice.


As a youth he played for the king in order to soothe the king’s troubled mind.  He slew a giant and saved Israel!  He was used to comfort Israel and the king when the Philistines came out to battle against Israel, because of his faith.  See, faith has NO AGE LIMIT!  David was able to say to the people and to the king, “the Lord will deliver me.”

John (our son):

John went to a friend’s house where the mother was very sick.  Five other people in the house were afraid for her, but John just went up to her, laid his hands on her pregnant tummy, closed his eyes and prayed, “Heavenly Father I ask you to make her well again. A-men”.  All the others said A-men.  And of course, she was healed.   To anyone with faith, age is non-existent!

Naaman’s Healing:

A young girl told Naaman’s wife about Elijah and Naaman was healed and saved along with others that he encountered.


Was called when he was “only a child” (Jer 1:4-10).  God said to him, “I am with you and I will rescue you.”  Jeremiah was being called to speak to nations and to kingdoms.


 Daniel went to Babylon as a young lad and was chosen as one of the youths to serve the king.  He was educated in the king’s court.  Later he was used to interpret the king’s dreams.  He always prayed 3 times each day.  Because of this and his strong faith in the Lord, he was tricked and thrown into the lions’ den.  His faith sustained him, however, and God shut the mouths of the lions.  After that the men who tricked him were thrown into the lions’ den instead and Daniel was raised up to be the king’s top advisor, a position right under the king himself.


Timothy was told by Paul not to despise his youth.  So Timothy must have been quite young when he started out his ministry with Paul.

Proverbs 20:11 says, “It is by his deeds that a lad distinguishes himself.  If his conduct is pure and right.”  This is a wonderful Scripture for us mothers to understand.  That is what really counts in the end, not anything else!  This is our goal for their lives.

A CHILD can have God’s righteousness in him (because we who are born again now have the righteousness of Christ inside of us).  This does not come naturally, but is developed as he is guided and shown the way, by a godly parents (you)!

God can use our children too!  He is no respector of person.  We can be used to create prepared vessels for God that He can fill and use for His glory!  Can you imagine that?

Now here’s a question:

What qualities of character should we develop in our children so that God can use them?   Honesty, love, non-complaining, giving, sharing, caring about others more than themselves, listening, thankfulness, faith, a trust in the Lord to work all their problems out, and a love appreciation for Him and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, a desire to live by the Word, obedience, submission, good manners and patience to name a few.  Isn’t this what God wants to see brought out in us?  Isn’t this the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, to be like Him?  Then He also would want us to put these same characteristics as a standard for our children to eventually develop and achieve in their own lives as well.  We are the ones who are to be their example.for this training as they watch and copy what we do, how we act and what we believe.

What skills might be useful for a child to have that God could use?   Music, reading, helping others and etc.   God CAN use skills like football, sports, body building, athletic accomplishments and the things like this that the world teaches children are important, in order to fit in or be popular, but they are not necessary.  These are not spiritual attributes, except for the fact that they can develop sportsmanship, sharing, caring for team mates.  But if your child is not accomplished in these skills, don’t worry about it.  God has chosen your particular child for a particular purpose, and He has given him/her the exact skills for that purpose to come about in their little life.  It doesn’t matter to God about the carnal man; it matters to Him about the spiritual man that the child develops into.

Sometimes things like good looks, strength, physical accomplishments in sports, academic achievement and being smart, etc can even be a hindrance to a child if they are constantly told how good they are in these areas.  I think all parents at some point in a child’s lifetime are tempted to puff them up too much with our praises of how cute, good looking, smart, strong etc they are.  But the problem is, that then they begin to develop pride, and think that they are “special” because they are a, b, or c.  Children believe what we say!  Unfortunately, then they will have to be knocked down a peg or too, in order to get that pride OUT of them that others have put INTO them with all their adulation; before they can effectively be used by God.

Love on them, kiss, hug, tell them that you are so glad that God gave them to you, shower them with your sincere affection and love, but don’t let them try to control you or get the idea that they are “God’s gift to the world”, and are above everyone else, because this is what they have been led to believe.  In other words, love them but don’t spoil them with building them up so they don’t have to be brought down.

We can however express our joy before them when they display a spiritual characteristic that is a blessing to see.  Like sharing something with a sibling, or giving a toy to a less fortunate child, or wanting to help you when you are sick, or display some type of unselfish act.  You can YEA!! all you want to then, to show them that they did a very nice thing, and tell them so.  This will encourage them  to do more acts of kindness and they will learn the joy of pleasing you and God by what they have done.

God has created your child for Himself and it is fun to train up a child in the way he should go, and watch what the Lord will do with him/her after that!

This is our reward, seeing our effort and love and care bring forth fruit in the lives that we have been given to oversee for His glory!  Then we will hear one day “well done my good and faithful servant, come, enter into my rest!”  Our labor will be over and our rest will begin, and glory will have been given to our God and to our Savior by the lives we have lived here on earth.