Looking Backward at God’s Faithfulness

Psalms_89-1Isn’t it just wonderful!  I will be 70 years old on Tuesday and while talking to my husband today in my office, he told me not to ever worry about anything, because God has Always taken such good care of us and our family.  My mind went back to our first house we bought when Jim went to Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim to get his Master’s degree.  We were living in an old school bus that had been converted to a camper.  Jedidiah was less than one years old and I became pregnant with John at that time and we also had a dog that we had to have sleep outside of the camper because there was no room in the bus.  Steven, our oldest had to sleep on a cot outside of the bus next to the dog! ha ha.  Isn’t that all funny.  Jim had wanted to teach in a Bible College and Jack Hayford told him that he should go to Melodyland School of Theology to get a Master’s Degree.  So we sold our trailer we were living in up in the Santa Cruz mountains of Calif, bought an old school bus with a new White Engine in it, and off we went to Anaheim.  We were parked in a park that allowed campers to be there, and that is why all of the above mentioned situation happened.

Well, he went to school for the first day and posted a note on the bulletin board that we needed a house.  We had $7,000 left from an inheritance, and needed (obviously) ha ha, a place to live while Jim attended school.  We had no job, no credit rating, no income of any sort, and who in the world would sell us a house and who in the world would finance a home with a background like we had.  But low and behold, the Lord saw our need and we got a call that someone knew a man who was selling his home for $28,500 in the hills of Anaheim, called Modjeska Canyon, and that the owner was in the VA hospital.  It ended up that we got this fine two story home in the hills with no down payment, and with only $110 a month as our monthly payment.  And that was all.  It was again another miracle of God’s extreme grace and faithfulness to us in our life!

Then I thought of all of the homes that we have had since and the stories behind each one of them, and how we got them.  Some we liked a lot but we were not able to get them for one reason or another, because God always something better for us instead.  And on and on the senerio went.  Each house we have ever owned has always been a miracle and had real story behind how we got it.  I started to cry as I realized that all during the time that we have been married, God has always been right there.  From Him finding our car keys (about 20 times a day) no not really but seems like it, breaking down on freeways, preventing accidents, healing us and sustaining us when ill, the buying and selling of homes, finances and etc.  I feel so stupid for all the hours I have spent worrying over things when the fact really is that God has always been there holding our hand, guiding, loving and helping us in every situation.  It is OK to be concerned, but then Pray!  God will hear you and answer your prayer, and give you the peace that passeth all understanding.  He will take care of it, if you will but leave it in His hands!  So then  the next thing we do is we trust!  I had to learn this with the death of Steven, to trust and not try to figure it all out!  We know that our Redeemer Liveth and He does All things well!

Oh once when Jim was a pastor, either Jedidiah or John needed to have their tonsils removed and it would cost right at $900.  We didn’t have that kind of money on a pastor’s salary, and we were going to have to hock our car in order to pay for the operation.  Well, guess what?  In the mail while that child (don’t remember which one it was), came a check for $900.  It was a refund for having paid too much workman’s compensation when Jim was a tree man working his way through college.  It was a another miracle, to see God’s wonderful, caring of His children, as provider, lover, Father, Creator, Sustainer, Answering of prayers, and in control of everything!!!!

So just let me remind each of you dear ones of how much He absolutely loves you as His child, and is always there for you, even when you don’t understand what is going on, it will all come out for your best and your families best, if you will walk in thankfulness, love and appreciation for what He has already done for you.  Look back and re-account all the answers to prayers and miracles He has truly done in your own lives, and it will be such a blessing to your heart, as you realize how much He really loves and cares and watches over you, and that real fact that He is always there, no matter what.  I feel so undeserving of His wonderful grace, and mercy and faithfulness and love towards me that it makes me cry (out of appreciation) because I KNOW I don’t deserve any of it.  So let us rejoice my dear sisters and brother in Christ.  The best is even yet to come and we have so much more to look forward to, though we may have to suffer down here for a short season, it will all be worth it all!

Love you! Jackie