Death is Like A Wedding

Photo of going to heaven (PS 15)As I was reading my Bible last night I looked over some notes that I had taken on the back pages of my Bible.  One was when I was praying in 2005 and I hear the following words in my head very clearly.  By the way my son, Steven,who died at age 40 in 2004, and his father, Michael, (my first husband who died when he was only 30 years old from a malignant brain tumor) are both in heaven together now.   These are the words I heard during my prayer time with the Lord:

“Do not worry, do not be afraid, do not be dismayed for I have everything under control.  I had your life planned out even before you were even born.  I am with you until the end, and you will see Steven and Michael and those you love; and you will have much time with them.  You will have relationship with those you love, but even better.  I tell you these things to bring you peace and joy and rest for your soul.  I love you and one day I shall come for you and take you to your new home that I have prepared for you.  At that time you will lift up your hand and I will take you by the hand.”

I was pondering over this tonight and I said “Oh Lord, please let me know a little in advance when it is my turn to die so that can prepare my funeral, order my coffin (from Costco ha ha), write a letter to each member of my family, and be able to spend some quality time with each one of them before I go.  Perhaps this sounds silly to you, but I am an organizer, planner and like all my ducks lined in a role.

Then I thought to myself, “go”, yes “go” to meet my precious Bridegroom, like a bride when she gets married plans and readies herself for her wedding day, so it is upon our death.  Wow!  I will go to meet my Bridegroom on my Wedding Day, who will take me to His home that He has prepared for me, give me His name, dress me in white and I will live with Him forever!”

Oh what a wonderful future we have if we will only “Trust & Obey” (like the song says).  Obey His Word, loveHim and live our lives for Him now!  So let’s recommit ourselves to this end and so look forward to and long for the day that we will finally get to meet our Bridegroom and be with Him and our Heavenly Father forever!