A Wife’s Purpose

God’s original purpose for creating a woman was so that man (Adam) would have a companion to share his life with.  Secondly, her purpose was to populate the earth with people made in the image of God. (Genesis 2:20-25).


We all want someone to share life’s experiences with.  Adam was no different.  All the animals had a mate to share life with, but not Adam.  He had no one to laugh with, become joyful with, play with in the Garden of Eden, and no one to encourage him.  For example when he was naming the animals, there was no one there to say, “hey, that was a really great name for that animal calling him a zebra, it looks like a zebra!”


It is so much easier to work at a job for 8 hours a day and then come home to someone who really appreciates the fact that you went to work for them.  Our men need this, although they may not express this to us very often.  So they need someone with insight who can see and undergird those things that they do for us or on our behalf with appreciation and praise.  Adam needed someone to say, “That’s great honey!”  Do WE like to be appreciated verbally?  Sure we do, and so do they.


So God put Adam to sleep and then took one of his ribs from his side.  The word RIB= side.  God did take one of Adam’s ribs to create woman from and thus women are a literal part of man.


The male has the macho part of his nature which enables him to work and toil, till the soil, be brave and courageous, to be strong physically, fight lions and bears (or traffic and etc today) and to protect us.  Thank God for these qualities that He gave to men.  We are there beside them to encourage and love and appreciate them for these qualities.  When we appreciate them and what they are doing, it seems like they are also relieved of physical stress and tension by our love and concern.  They need to come home to be loved by and appreciated.  They need to feel needed and wanted.  They need to have a home to look forward to coming home to at the end of the day to receive him.  If it is possible in your situation, have a nice meal for him to look forward to. I know that today things are so different, and sometimes the regular duties are reversed because both the husband and wife may work outside the home, and one gets home later from work than the other; but we women still need to find ways to make our men feel welcome, loved and appreciated.


This may seem like little things, but it is the little things that God uses to refurbish and rebuild our husband’s life with. These are the kinds of things that make life bearable the next day, because he knows here is someone who really cares about him and is getting him ready to go out there and do it all over again.


Many broken marriages come from women who feel they have a demeaning role in life.  They do not realize that they possess special qualities put into them by God in order to fulfill their role as wives; which is so great and important, and which God wants to use to give to our husbands and to others.


It is a supernatural ministry that we have which is expressed in these little ways.  We must weigh what we call menial tasks against college degrees.  The world sees the degrees, titles, large amounts of wages earned.  The world does not see things the same way that God sees them.


Those menial ways of giving of ourselves are the things that prove to the people that we love, and especially to our husbands and children that we really do CARE!  It is the CARE that touches the person’s heart.  It takes food to keep the person alive, but it’s the care that brings the person we love to fulfillment.


In this passage one of the greatest things that God ever did was take woman out of Adam.  He could have formed her right before His eyes, but Adam would never, ever have the same feelings for her that he did if she wasn’t from himself (a part of him).


Possibly the process was not without pain to Adam.  After surgery it takes awhile for the place that was cut open to feel right again.  If a rib is taken out of our side, there is soreness.  So perhaps she became all the more dear to him if he were a bit sore.  Just like in childbirth, the pain causes us to have a bonding with the child because of all that we went through to have the child.


God called Eve woman,  because she was taken out of the man.  God went on to say, “therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh!”  It is very important when someone is actually a part of us.


When a man and a woman are both functioning in one accord, each one fulfilling his or her role that God gave them to fulfill, it is a beautiful and rewarding thing.  It is beautifully to see the protective role that God put into a man to take care of and protect his wife and children, and to see the woman love, care for and minister to the needs of her husband and children.  Each one possessing qualities that the other will never possess, and that unless we  both give to one another what we have, we can never become one.


We need to see that being these “women for the Lord” to our husbands is a strength to our own nation, and it comes about when we are willing to give of ourselves iin these special ways.  God is then able to use these things to make strong men and women in generations to come.


There is great power in Prayer!  Do you believe God hears you and hears you the first time?  If so, then when you see something in Scripture that needs to be changed in your home, come to the Lord and say, “Lord I am willing to change but I ask You to speak through my husband and show us how to work it out.”


This exhibits faith in the Lord, and trust that He will work through your husband as head of the family.  But remember, if your husband does bring up that very subject that you were praying about, don’t boast that you knew about it first.  Let him be the one who came up with the idea, and then thank the Lord that He answered your prayers.  See we have a behind the scenes role—your comforting him, preparing for him and loving him all seem to  be a behind the scene role.


God has a perceptiveness built in us women that He wants to use to inspire, motive and encourage our husbands to become what God wants our husbands to become and to assume their rightful role.  Our inner perceptiveness that God give to us is something He uses as appropriate help mates for them.


We need their strengths (because remember we are created as a “weaker vessel” than they are).  We need their qualities for our well being, and they need certain qualities that we have to give to them for their well being as well.  He has needs that only YOU, his wife, can give to him.  You are not giving to him things that you do for him, or help him with, or prepare for him, in order to manipulate him to get what you want.  You are using your gifts to minister to him because you love him and want to give your gifts to him even as he gives his gifts and ministries to you.  That keeps our minds in proper perspective.


The word Help Meet in Hebrew:


= 2 Words    =   qualified   (suitable)





Our men have just the right qualities for our lives — and each one is different.  So there are women with different gifts and abilities to meet their husband’s needs in a different way.


The Rib On A Boat:


The rib on a boat helps it to weather the storm.  In calamity the woman’s tenderness strengthens the man and helps to keep him from breaking down.  God made you a strong support!  According to the particular needs of your husband.


What God wants from Us:


He wants us to be someone to make the marriage be worthwhile.  Proverbs 12:4 says, “A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband.”  Virtuous means patterned her life after God’s pattern for her life.


Bone of my Bone:


Equals the moral structure a person.  If we humiliate them, they can turns hard and tuff.  God’s woman is on her husband’s side!  We must realize how really ONE we are with him.  Do you believe this is true?  KNOW it, conceive it as with pregnancy.  We must let this concept take birth in us.  In so doing, this belief takes hold in our hearts and begins to grow.  We can either conceive the truth or be exposed to it.  Are we going to walk the will of God for a woman or just be exposed to it?


Let us lay hold of these truths, seeing ourselves and our roles in a new light, and seeing our husbands in a new light as well.  No longer to be criticized, no longer to condemned, but to appreciated, loved, complimented and built up with our words and our deeds towards them.  With our attitudes being that which we had when we first married them.


The man was created to be the Priest of the home and he is not able to be this unless the woman creates an atmosphere in which this can happen.  He was created for this purpose, and we want to be used by the Lord to encourage them and help them achieve their highest goal in life.