Deep Thought: Ministry and Outreach

Often times we think about ministry or outreach or even ministering as being other people’s job.  However, Matthew clearly says that we are all to go out and make disciples of  “all” nations.  Now this verse is not saying that all of us are supposed to be a cross cultural missionary, but this does mean that we are suppose to spread the good news of Jesus Christ in our everyday living.  If you think about this with me for a minute;  if you see a great TV show, you will most likely tell your friends, if you find a beautiful dress on sale at the local department store, you will likely spread the good news of the sale, and if you are a new mother, you will most likely post pictures on Facebook  so others can share in your enjoyment of your new family member.  It always boggles my mind that when it comes to Jesus, we tend to shy away from sharing His love with our friends or even strangers who might not know Him,  rather than being the Christians that God intended, sharing HIS  love with people we know need Him.  Which in reality is “everyone”.  Now, I am not trying to convict you and me unnecessarily, but I am trying to say that when the opportunity arises, rather than run away, run toward sharing the “Good News” of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him.  I have a hard time just going up cold turkey and talking to people I don’t even know and witnessing, but I am able to gladly share with someone when an opportunity comes my way, and they can see and hear from my heart that I truly am sincere in what I am telling them then from my personal experience.