Delight in the Lord

Psalm 37:4 ( Real Delight in the Lord ) “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  This is  most likely one of the most misquoted scriptures in modern day Christianity.  You will hear prosperity preachers use this verse to speak words of encouragement about finances, getting rich, attaining material possessions and having instant gratification.  However, the verse is extremely clear in the first part of the scripture.  It says “delight in the Lord”, meaning to “abide in Him” or to “take Joy in the Lord”, meaning that you are literally seeking the Lord and seeking HIS desires.

When we take delight, it is often times at something that is planned, done, or told to us.  Therefore, it can even come in times of obedience.  It is easy to say “Thank you God, you are amazing” when things are going well, but to “delight” in the Lord during times of trouble or during times of indecision is where we as human beings find hard.  When we delight in the Lord, and are seeking Him, our desires or often times built on a foundation of “HIS WILL” and “HIS DESIRES”, meaning that the flesh is put aside for the things of the Lord.

When we look at scripture, what exactly are God’s desires for our lives?  Where does God was us to go?  What does God want us to pursue?  Now I am not saying that we cannot pursue material possessions, but I am saying that when God wants to give us the desires of our heart, the verse is intended for the person who truly is delighting in Him and seeking Him.  It is not intended for the person who is casually seeking to line his pockets with cash.