The Heart of the Filipino People

The Heart of the Filipino from One American’s Perspective: I was thinking about my experience in Cebu City last night, and have felt so burdened in my heart for the wonderful Filipino people who live in the Philippines and their families. When I turn on the Filipino Channel here in the United States and see the devastation to the hard hit cities, I am amazed at how many people I see with smiles on their faces and a joy that still shows through their hearts.

Even though their lives have been uprooted, loved ones taken away and are homeless, they wait patiently for the relief aid that is being offered. What I see are not people who are pushing and shoving, desperate to meet their own needs, but people who truly love one another, people who truly love their country and people who truly love their families. They are a people who put others first and a people who are always attending to one another’s needs. This is an absolutely beautiful representation of God’s love being shown through others, and a true depiction of the typical heart of such wonderful people in the Philippines.

This makes me reflect back in history when General MacArthur made the famous quote, “I shall return.” Certainly he understood how resilient and amazing the Filipino people are, something we can see demonstrated in their everyday lives, especially in the midst of crisis.

Unlike so many countries, the Filipino people give honor to the elderly, love and care for their entire families, and warmth and kindness to the peaceful stranger. These people have so much love and humility, represented through their often times shy and giving nature. These are qualities I as an American dearly wish we still had in my country, these are qualities that make me want to return to such an amazing country like the Philippines and these are qualities the rest of the world should pause and think about, and hopefully mimic when hardships occur.

I praise God for such an amazing country and I praise God for such an amazing people.